It is less about us and more about you first. “Ukiiyo” in Japanese means “in the moment” – being in the moment, detached from the bothers of life. It depicts an urban lifestyle. This sums up the thought behind the brand that Ukiiyo is. We strive to give one a moment to live away from the many worries and challenges that life throws at us. This is also reflected in our logo that has the at the centre.

As one owns and uses one of our products, we would like them to feel, “I am at the centre of their thoughts as they designed this for me”. The pleasure, the delight, the excitement that one would feel will be the foundation of our satisfaction. If you are delighted owning and carrying our product, we are happy.

The cornerstone of Ukiiyo’s values is

customer focus

Ukiiyo is a brand owned by Leather Galaxy, whose journey began in 2006. Leather Galaxy in turn has five decades of lineage as it is part of a set of family of businesses that dealt with everything leather – from raw hide to finished leather – as we focused on exporting finished leather to the world. The idea behind Ukiiyo is to transform our several decades of experience in understanding and manufacturing finished leather into producing finished premium products and creating a differentiated experience for our customers that may have already appreciated our leather for long. Now, we have a design team of our own and manufacture our own products for you, the elite customer, using the best quality leather, and give an experience that takes you away from the bothers of life.

As depicted in our logo, we consider you right at the centre, right from the beginning. We have generations of expertise in making the finest quality leather. So, we handpick the finest quality leather to suit the specific design, the specific product, and you – and bring that same leather to you in the form of superior products – from jackets to wallets, handbags to vests, laptop bags to aprons, belts to keychains, all of supreme quality. For you deserve only the finest; you deserve nothing but the best.

Apart from using only top-end leather – namely full-grain and top-grain leather – for each product, Ukiiyo implements stringent controls on process and quality to sustain the highest standard in every product it creates. With an in-house design studio, as well as our in-house manufacturing setup, each member at the organization is deeply committed the customer’s delight. The family that Ukiiyo is spends a lot of time to research, benchmarking, and stringent controls to create products and services that are unique in the global market.

We believe in going above and beyond just supplying the best-quality products – transcending to a level where everyone that interacts with us benefits from the value that they receive from the relationship. And we believe our stakeholders are a broad spectrum – from our partners to the user of the products, from our suppliers and vendors to the society we operate in, from the industries we interact with to the environment that we impact.

What does Ukiiyo do?

Ukiiyo carves out a niche of its own. For instance, we work closely with globally renowned artists and make products tailored for their unique needs. While we present to you a spectrum of exquisite jackets and vests, handbags and wallets, aprons and belts, etc., we also make coordinated products that make these look tailored for your overall persona. We also make personalized products as special cases.

For special orders we tailor-make and personalize products as per customer requirement

Other highlights

Our own design-house picks up the very best leather that is suitable for any product. Whether it is a jacket for a dinner with friends or a vintage laptop bag for your office, the look, the feel, the strength, the texture is just right. And it is not just the leather – everything from the lining inside to the stitches, the zippers to the pullers, the handle to the charms is designed just for the product, just for you.

While we work design everything around you, we are also completely conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment. We are conscious about the way the leather is sourced to the impact the entire process has on the environment. So, what you get is an exquisite and guilt-free product. What you get is truly a piece of art.

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We take pride in our product quality and design as our designers handpick the materials and our master craftsmen handcraft the products. These master craftsmen behind each of your products have honed their skills over generations of working on leather. Their understanding of the nuances of the material and their eye for the details makes these amazing works of art. Backed by our decades old experience, we keep a keen eye out for the global trends. That makes us uniquely comfortable with the vintage, the classic, as well as the modern.

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